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the rhythm of innovation

consulting services for accelerating revolutionary technology ventures


At various points in the life of most revolutionary technology ventures, they encounter "speed bumps" that slow down the commercialization of their innovation. Brightdrum provides consulting services for accelerating through these speed bumps, addressing challenges and questions including:



  • What areas do I need help in to minimize execution risk and accelerate our success?

  • How do I navigate through the challenges we’re facing now?


Product Strategy

  • Have I picked the right target customer and market for my product or service?

  • Does my product or service create enough value for my target customer?


Product Management

  • What are the most important product requirements and features for my target customer?

  • How should I prioritize the efforts of my product development team?


Product Development

  • What team do I need to build my product?

  • How do I minimize technical risk?

  • What technology is needed to build my product?

  • Should I build or buy technology needed for my product?



  • How do I minimize market risk and accelerate adoption?

  • How do I market and sell to my customer?

  • How do I pivot or expand into a new market?


Strategic Partnerships

  • How do I establish strategic partnerships to accelerate go-to-market?

  • How do I establish strategic partnerships to offset development cost and risk?


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